How to Avoid Accidents in the Workplace

Employee falling down the stairsIf you own a manufacturing company in Lehi, it is crucial to minimize the occurrence of hazards. According to the United States Department of Labor, falls are the leading cause of accidents in the workplace. These accidents can not only injure your best employees but also result in lawsuits.

Electrical and plumbing hazards are also common and can put your employees at risk. Not only do you need a 24-hour plumber like Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical on call; you must also contain these hazards to avoid exposing your employees to potential danger.


Slippery floors or misplaced items cause falls. Zone your workspace to avoid incidents where tools are left carelessly on the company floors. Educate your employees on the need to put away anything that isn’t in use. Provide safety gear to prevent injuries.

Electrical or Gas Hazards

Your gas or electrical connection can leak, leading to injuries and damage to property. Always ensure that contractors who have experience with similar projects do all the installations. Verify the equipment used for the installations to ensure that it is genuine and of high quality. Regular maintenance services are also necessary, as they will not only keep your business running but also detect faults long before they cause hazards.

Machine Guarding

While machines form a critical part of the manufacturing process, they can cause injuries if the right precautions aren’t followed. Ensure that each device in your company has safety features that comply with OSHA specifications. Check the existing safeguards to ensure that they are correctly installed before your employees use the machines.

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Your employees should always be your top priority. Do everything in the book to ensure that the environment they work in is not only clean but also safe. If you have no idea about safety guidelines, you can always contact professionals to help you implement them.