How Do You Save Money on a Long Distance Move?

Man holding a boxA long-distance move can cost more than a local move. The average cost of a local move is $1,250 while a long-distance relocation can cost of $4,890. But you don’t have to spend that much when you’re about to move thousands of miles away.

Below are some of the ways to help you manage moving costs:

Get Free Moving Supplies

Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and all other essential items for packing can add up. Why not get your packing supplies for free? Ask friends or family for extra boxes (sturdy ones!) and bubble wrap. You can also use plastic bins and recycled paper.

Get an accurate quote from the mover.

Van Lines, a moving company, emphasizes the importance of finding the right mover with full services. You’ll be able to manage your expenses when you work with a service that provides a fair quote after considering all your requirements.

Move During the Right Season

People tend to move during summer, specifically between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Peak season means movers are busy, which means they’re likely to charge more. So save on cost and plan your move during off season.

Reduce Your Belongings

You’ll save more money when you move with fewer items; you can get a smaller truck and hire fewer people. This is why it’s crucial to start packing weeks in advance of your moving date. Plan what you want to bring and discard what you don’t need or can donate to charity. You can even turn this part of the moving process into a pizza party with friends.

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Moving can be stressful and in some cases, costly. But your relocation doesn’t have to be described as both. Get your moving supplies for free. Work with the right moving company. Choose your moving date well. Bring only what’s necessary while discarding the rest for an easy and cost-efficient move.