How a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign Can Help a Business

social media platformsA few years ago, some companies disregard the idea of spending time, money, and effort promoting their products or services online. But with the onset of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms that have become a part of most everyone’s way of life, social media marketing has become an important tool for businesses.

Social media marketing experts can handle a company’s online presence. Businesses in Neptune, NJ and other states now rely on social media marketing services to attract and engage customers. A successful social media campaign depends on an effective planning, strategy, and execution. When done right, the campaign will deliver positive outcomes. Otherwise, it can be a waste of time, effort, and resources.

To define what an effective social media marketing strategy should be, you can get inspiration and ideas from the following companies whose successful campaigns have totally engaged their consumers.

Red Bull

Their goal was to increase awareness of their “Summer Edition” energy drink released in Australia. Focusing on Instagram, they posted images and videos showing typical summer days, but under a yellow filter that relates to the new look of the cans, along with the hashtag #thissummer. The posts gone viral and reached 1.2 million consumers.

Girl Scouts

Known for their great cookies, the organization wanted to drive traffic to their website and increase downloads of their Cookie Finder app. For this, they launched a Twitter App Install campaign for their App Card, which showed pictures of their famous cookies and allowed easy download of the Cookie Finder app right from the customer’s Twitter account. It resulted in more than 19,500 Twitter-driven installations.

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The car company’s goal was to generate leads and create awareness of their brand. They used Facebook’s boosted posts to place ads for some of their models, focusing on both computer and model users. By using data from previous campaigns, they were able to optimize their ads’ effect on customers.


This mobile game publisher wanted to increase installations of their app Diner Dash 2016, so they took to Instagram and showed photo ads that featured a real chef together with some Diner Dash food items. They also added a call-to-action that says, “Install Now”. The result was a 39% increase in installations.


The app developer wanted to compel customers to use their app for mobile video storage. By making sure people can easily create accounts, log in, and see videos made by friends on their own Facebook home pages, the company was able to reach more users. This resulted in 50% new installations of their app. Being driven by Facebook, this strategy was less costly but yielded a higher engagement rate.

These successful social media marketing campaigns show how creating a strong personal connection with prospective customers can help a company achieve its goal. Doing the same or devising your own strategy can greatly benefit your business. Work with a reputable online marketing agency to get high-quality service and increase your chances of obtaining positive results.