Hottest Wedding Design Predictions to Watch Out for 2018

Couple kissing on their weddingAs the New Year opens, a set of new brides also comes in. Wedding specialist Alexan Events states that while all trends of 2017 we spectacular and well-loved – rustic, metallic, paper, and many more – 2018’s trends are here not to disappoint.

Last year’s design trends will be replaced with some eccentric themes that will surely keep your wedding event in Denver on-trend. Without further adieu, here are the design predictions that will be the rage this 2018.


Less is more this 2018. Couples will be moving to more modern, clean, and minimal wedding styles when it comes to all aspects.  It will be important to invest in a few magnificent trinkets than multiple of less special ones.


Ruffles will be seen a lot this year. It shows the soft-layered and sophisticated look. People will see its incorporation in table skirts, altar decor, cakes, and even dresses.


This is the season for neon signs. Couples can opt for neon table numbers and decors such as Happily Ever After and Drunk in Love. They can also use these neon signs as backdrops.

Geometric Designs

Sharp lines and three-dimensional shapes are in this year. You do not only find geometric designs on stationery, backdrops, and lanterns; it also finds incorporation into wedding cakes and floral decors.

Bold Floral Designs

Colorful floral arrangements and bouquets are making their big comeback. Brighter and bolder floral patterns also bring a dramatic effect to your tables and even in the dance floor.

Organic Decor

Organic designs create an earthy focal point for your guests’ photos. People can use it as backdrops, frame for the couple’s table, etc.

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Bring about a different experience that you will always remember, experience nature or even another country with your closest friends, and highlight the beauty of your love with bold and bright colored flowers.