Going, Going, Gone: The Appeal of Hair Transplants

Woman showing hair lossMale pattern baldness is prevalent: data suggests that it affects more than 50% of men in the UK alone. While there is a disorienting array of anti-hair loss treatments available in the market (ranging from fancy hairpieces, restorative shampoos, to nanofibre sprays), there is nothing that can compare to the appeal that hair transplant surgery holds.

Several male celebrities have taken a more proactive stance to keeping their head of hair. Gordon Ramsey, Louis Walsh and Wayne Rooney have all gone through the modern surgical procedure and have expressed their satisfaction with the results. It is perhaps no surprise that there has been a sudden influx of patients in hair clinics nationwide.

Hair Transplants Allow Hair to Regrow Naturally

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) type of transplant allows hair to naturally grow even after hair follicles are transferred to a different, balding patch on the scalp. On the other hand, the Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure ensures a high-quality harvesting of hair through the insertion of strips of the scalp into bald areas. While hair transplants may take several hours to complete in some cases, the procedures are minimally invasive to ensure patient comfort.

Bestowing Men with a Greater Sense of Masculinity

Patients are more than willing to shell out money for a new patch of hair since it makes them feel more masculine and more sexually appealing. A 2015 study, in fact, reveals that a hair transplant patient had 75% more matches on the dating app Tinder than before they had the transplant. Following the surgery, more patients have expressed more confidence and individuality.

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While hair transplant does prove effective in addressing hair loss, another way to approach the slow shedding of hair is to view the male pattern baldness in a different light. A receding hairline could, after all, signify a new change in a person’s life and represent wisdom and a different form of masculinity. While there are various forms of treatment for hair loss, it does help to work towards the appreciation of baldness to remain attractive regardless of appearance or age.