Finding the Right Suppliers for Your Office Refurbishment Project

Modern officeWhether you want a complete office makeover or a simple refurbishment project, working with the right service providers is important. It can spell the difference between success and failure.

Here are some tips on choosing the right suppliers that can help you save on your office refurbishment costs. What is important, industry expert Whiteleys Office Furniture suggests, is to work with a company you are comfortable with.

Turnkey Solution versus Trade Specialist

The kind of support you need will depend on the scale and type of the project. A specialist is ideal for particular projects like flooring, office furniture, or partitions. But, in reality, refurbishment projects often need various expertise.

These may include plumbing, electrical works, building, furniture, storage, and space and design planning. In this case, a company that offers a turnkey solution is what you need. This way, you can get everything you need while dealing with only one contractor.


Your prospective supplier must have enough experience in the specific type of project you need to complete. If possible, look at similar projects they did in the past. You can see samples on their website. You can also ask them for references and examples you can look at.

Communication and Rapport

Office refurbishment projects can be stressful not only for you but your workers as well. Thus, it is important to hire a contractor you and your staff would be comfortable working with. They should be easy to communicate with.

Pay attention to how prospective suppliers communicate with you during initial exploratory talks.

Free Design and Space Planning

Look for suppliers who offer design and space planning services free. Talk to them and find out how they think, communicate and listen. It also allows you to learn a few creative solutions without having to spend anything.

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If done the right way, office refurbishment projects offer a lot of amazing benefits not only to your company but your staff as well. Follow the tips provided in this post to find the right supplier for your office makeover.