Finding a Family Friendly Ski Resort

Skiing with the whole familyA few decades ago, ski resorts were kids-free zones. Earlier ski resorts conjured up images of large mountains and adults whizzing down the slopes on their skis. There was hardly anything else to do at these resorts, and they were considered adult-only zones. This was perfect for young couples and those who had no children.

Things are different these days. Parents can now take their children to every ski resort in the country. Learn why ski resorts are now safe and ideal for kids and adults.

Ski resorts are kid-friendly

Things have changed for the better. Many winter ski chalets in St. Anton and other famous destinations are ready to cater to new guests, which include families with young children. These resorts ensure that the children also have a great time.

Check before you book

Research well before you book your next ski holiday. Make sure children are allowed in the resort and check if there are smaller and less steep slopes for children to ski on. Preferably, the children’s skiing slopes should be away from the adult skiing slopes. Skiing is a wonderful activity for your children to learn, but safety should be the primary concern.

A helmet policy is necessary and so are the dedicated ski instructors for children. Check the credentials of these instructors, so you can be sure that your children are in safe hands. The instructors should be qualified to teach children how to ski properly.

Other activities for children

Check if children of all ages will be taught skiing together or if there are different levels depending on the age. Smaller children tend to get bored easily. This might happen with skiing lessons, too. So, ensure that there are other child-friendly activities planned between skiing lessons to keep them interested.

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When you book a ski trip, look for an all-inclusive package that includes skiing and other activities for your children to enjoy. Remember that other than skiing, most ski resorts offer other activities, such as hot tubes, zip lining, sleigh rides, bonfires, ropeway sightseeing, snowshoeing and much more. Plan well and get your little ones on the slopes this winter.