Facts You May Not Know About Your Teeth

Woman smiling on a dentist chairYour teeth play an important role in your health. Apart from supporting your facial muscles, your teeth also play a significant role in digestion and your pronunciation skills.

Your teeth are unique

No one has the same set of teeth as yours. Just like your fingerprint, it is uniquely yours. That’s why in many cases, dental records are used to identify the deceased.

Bacteria thrive in your mouth

There are more than 200 species of bacteria in your mouth. If you don’t regularly brush or floss, these bacteria would attack your enamel and cause tooth decay. Yellow teeth may indicate decaying enamel. Walker Pediatric Dentistry recommends that for your family’s dental care, have them checked by your dentist. There are some family dental clinics in Holladay that can help you.

Your enamel is harder than your bones

The enamel and bones both consist of calcium and phosphate. However, the enamel is harder and stronger because it has proteins and crystallites content. In fact, it is the hardest part of your body.

Saliva helps fight cavity

Sugars from foods and drinks cause tooth decay. But saliva can help reduce the effects of the decaying process. If brushing and flossing are impossible, let your saliva take charge. If you are prone to dry mouth, you should make sure you carry a bottle of water.

You should never swallow your toothpaste.

When brushing your teeth, spit out the toothpaste but don’t rinse right away. The longer the fluoride stays in your teeth, the more effective it is in preventing cavities. However, don’t swallow it because too much fluoride can lead to white spots on your teeth.

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Your perfect smile is not only an indication of healthy teeth. Observe good oral care and take care of your teeth, as they reveal your overall health.