Emerging Trends in Day Care

Man babysittingMost parents view daycare as an expensive babysitting center. This is a myth that might mainly describe traditional daycare centers. Care providers at daycare centers are currently highly-skilled and well-trained to boost your child’s development, unlike the typical babysitter and nanny.

Daycare has evolved from the regular playgroup and babysitting. Just ask Sunrise Preschools, day care experts from Phoenix, AZ. There are currently a lot of changes geared toward enhancing your child’s development and parents’ peace of mind.

Here are some of the amazing trends presently available at high-quality centers:

Emphasis on Child Safety

Reputable day care centers are currently employing extra security measures to ensure the safety of children left in their care. The facilities conduct background checks on all their staff to weed out those with histories of offenses and crimes.

The centers also have surveillance and monitoring devices to ensure the staff handles the kids properly.

Increasing Focus on Early Education

Child development experts have conducted several studies that reveal that children are capable of learning and academics from an early age. Children in day care centers are now taught based on a formal early education curriculum.

Daycare for Parents on a Budget

Most parents only know of expensive daycare centers common in the past. This is not the case anymore. Many centers have flexible, cost-efficient programs for families on a tight budget. The centers have found ways to reduce the costs they pass on to parents while still maintaining quality child care programs.

With the advances in technology, some centers offer video streaming of classroom activities so you can check on your child throughout the day.

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You could also opt for email and text message notifications during the day to check on the well-being of your child. This technology allows you to stay in touch with your young one while at work or even when traveling.