Effective Strategies to Pack and Move Hassle-Free

Label makerMoving to a new apartment or to a new city? If you are transferring to another place, packing and moving your things can be a tedious process. Get organized and find out how to make moving day hassle-free.

Consider how big the move isAccording to Good Housekeeping, you have two option when it comes to packing. First, you can do it by yourself. Second, you can hire movers. But before you decide which route to take, think about how big your move is. There are many movers near you if you are bringing with you pieces of furniture. Alternatively, you are just moving a couple of things, then you can just do it on your own.

Think of timing – If you decide to hire a Salt Lake City mover, keep in mind that the rates are probably higher at the beginning and end of each month. Rates are also quite pricey for the weekend, so if you can take a day or two during workdays then you may save yourself some cash.

Pack in the right boxesAn article in Real Simple, on the other hand, says large boxes packed with heavy items are the common complaints of movers. Apart from making the job harder, these boxes will most likely break. So it is recommended to pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter things like linens, pillows, and towels in bigger ones.

Label the boxes – Putting a label on boxes, indicating which room it’s intended for, and listing a few descriptions of what’s inside will save you time. This will keep things more organized and help you unpack fast.

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Weed out your items – Determine which one you want to bring and stuff that will be better off left, give away, or sold. Moving is a chance to make a fresh start and minimizing your belongings is one way to do this.

Consider items that need TLC – For instance, plasma TV requires a special wooden crate if you don’t have its original box. Pieces of art need special crating as well. Framed pictures and glassware needs to be packed with packing paper and bubble wrap.

Moving to another place should be an exciting thing so don’t let the stress of packing get in the way. Whether you decide to do a DIY moving or hire movers, there are many ways to make this process as easy as possible.