Don’t Let Your Indoor Air Become Worse than Outdoor Air

Person checking the air ductDid you know indoor air could be as–or even more–polluted than outdoor air? It is possible that your home is not as safe and healthy for your family as you think it is.

Maintaining good indoor air quality takes effort, but its benefits are worth it. You want to ensure everyone in your household is breathing in fresh air, don’t you? With the help of professional cleaning service providers such as ProKleen, you can continue enjoying just that.

Proper and thorough cleaning of fabrics

Floor and wall carpets, upholstered furniture, and window covers like drapes and curtains all make your home more comfortable and cozy. However, they usually require a specialized type of cleaning. While you may have a vacuum, the way you are using it plus the cleaning solutions you use may not be enough (or even do more harm).

Cleaning professionals have the tools and skills necessary to perform a deep cleaning on these fabrics. Not only will these experts eliminate the health and safety risks these items harbor; they will also breathe new life into these pricey furnishings.

Filters, air ducts, and the ventilation network

The air condition system installed in your home may either come with washable or replaceable filters. Do not skip out on cleaning or changing these as needed. According to the American Lung Association, filters should be checked about four times a year. Failure to do so will only compromise the quality of air inside your home. Also, you should also have the air ducts and vents cleaned routinely.

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Keeping your home pollutant-free requires not just your contribution but the expertise of professionals too. So make sure you do your part, and invest in professional cleaning services to make your home as comfortable and livable as you can.