Design Elements That Make Your Home Unique

home interiorNo one wants their house to look like every other house in the neighbourhood. Even row houses each have their own character. It’s truly up to you to liven up the style of your house. If you’re a fan of the modern rustic theme, here are some design elements your house should have:

Charred Wood Cladding

The rustic aesthetic is best defined by “unfinished” or raw elements. The cladding makes up a big part of your home, and its design sets the tone for the exterior. Choose Shou sugi ban cladding for that design that screams uniqueness, but also works with an understated charm. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone since you’re updating your home’s insulation while keeping its rustic look.

Reclaimed Wooden Ceiling

Cathedral-shaped ceilings play up the unused space in your home. This style also improves the ventilation. Pair it with the right room design and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy space every time. Choose reclaimed wood to advocate eco-friendliness, while you’re at it.

Accent Lights

Though modern rustic means having raw design elements in the house, this doesn’t mean your house should look bare. Add accent lights on tables and walls. Even your cabinets are upgradable with puck lights, and the chandelier can become a less flashy yet equally charming design. Choose shapes that are not elaborate, but rather solid and in warm colours. Yellows and browns go well with the natural aesthetic.

Raw Stone Accent Walls

Designing your home to look rustic doesn’t mean choosing wood every time. A combination of wood and raw stone will make it even more stylish. Have brick stones in your accent wall in the bedroom or living room. This can go well with your fireplace or behind your bed. To make things more interesting, add a piece of artwork to complement the accent wall.

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It doesn’t take much to improve the look of your home. Choose the right design elements and make sure they work together.