Combating Anxiety and Depression

Girl With AnxiettyAnxiety disorder and depression are different conditions, but studies show that most people with depression also experience symptoms of anxiety – and vice versa. The experts at The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health note that these people experience similar symptoms, too, such as irritability, nervousness, and difficulties with sleeping and concentrating.

There is a range of anxiety disorders, but they all lead to panic attacks and can hinder a person from living their life to the fullest. Those with depression always feel down and have lost interest in activities that they used to enjoy. Below are some tips on combating anxiety and depression:

Practice stress management and relaxation techniques

Breathing exercises can help prevent a mounting panic attack, but performing them as part of your daily routine can help you stay relaxed throughout the day. Breathe deeply through your nose and then slowly let your breath out through your mouth. Do this exercise slowly but without holding your breath, and repeat it for three to five minutes.


Add jogging or a trip to the gym to your weekly routine. Studies show that exercise can make a person happier than when they avoid the activity. Researchers believe this effect is due to endorphins that our bodies release when we exercise, improving our self-image and giving a general feeling of happiness.

Seek professional help

A person can do many things to try and avoid the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but you can get the best results with the aid of a doctor who specializes in these conditions. Specialists may prescribe medications or advise different therapies. Specialists in Westport, Connecticut offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), marriage and family therapy, and trauma therapy. These experts design treatment programs to best help you cope with anxiety disorder and depression.

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Many of us experience days when we feel down and simply too sad to get out of bed. Days like this may be rare for us, but they are the norm for people with depression and anxiety. With professional help and moral support from loved ones, they can overcome these hurdles and live life to the fullest.