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Top Reasons Google De-Indexed Your Site

Your website may seem fine one day then perform poorly the next. This may be the result of Google de-indexing it or some of its internal pages. Solving its symptoms may allow these problems to come up repeatedly; you’ll need to address the causes to get back

How to Succeed at PPC on a Small Budget

It is fairly common to think that you need a big budget to succeed at PPC or pay-per-click. However, small businesses or businesses that do not have that much money to spend on PPC might not have the option of using their entire marketing budget for PPC.

Yes, Organic SEO Still Matters

In the past couple of years, companies have stopped relying on organic SEO to obtain traffic and instead invest their budget on social media marketing and paid search. While these digital marketing tactics really do deliver excellent results, digital marketing expert SEO Werkz states that organic SEO

Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Most businesses focus on online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Third Stage Marketing notes that digital marketing and SEO are in fact interwoven strategies. Both focus on attracting visitors to your site and building your identity. Social media might not be a direct factor in Google search

What You Can Do With Your Website as a Business Owner

Gone are the days when businesses need a physical store to interact with their customers. Nowadays, websites have made things easier for both the company and the client. Here are some ways a website can help your business grow: Registrations and bookings Web design for hotels should

A Minimalist Style to Make Your Website Stand Out

The design of your business website can be based on a multitude of styles, and you will have to choose carefully to make your website a standout. In a densely populated city like New York, standing out can be quite a challenge.  Fortunately, you can ask New York

Make Fitness Fun: Try These Outdoor Trampoline Games

When people see a trampoline, they might assume that it’s a toy used only by children. What they don’t know is that trampolines can provide a great aerobic workout. Recently, people have started to use trampolines for fitness purposes. To make exercise more fun to everyone, trampoline