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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

How many apps do you have on your phone? For sure, the number won’t go below five. When you buy a phone today, it’ll already have pre-installed apps that are locked into the brand of your phone. Many software development firms in Austin, TX have contributed their efforts and

Vendor Neutral Certifications Improve Career Opportunities

IT personnel are considered as nerds by the rest of the world, but they’re great nerds in case you’re wondering. They take certification exams regularly to prove their knowledge and competency regarding new equipment and their underlying technology. For instance, taking Network+ and other courses practice test can help improve

Software Tools to Help Your Business Online

Many business owners lose potential clients when their websites are too slow to load or do not use the optimum speed. Now there are many software applications designed to save you time, data use and even provide web filtering software. Here are some benefits that these applications

An App a Day: Why iPhones are Great for Apps

For quite some time, Nokia and Blackberry were the cell phones to beat, with Samsung barely getting on anyone’s radar. But on June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone for the very first time, and the industry has never been the same again. Not only did

The Safety Features of Marine Cranes

Cranes play a prominent role in maritime cargo transport when it comes to lifting and transferring heavy loads. They should be able to handle cargo of varying shapes and sizes and different environmental conditions at sea. Some industry experts like Lampson International create semi-custom or retrofitted crane

Ways to Lessen Office Expenses

With an increasingly competitive business climate, expenses in the office can be cut if costs are allocated properly. If you want to lessen office expenses on a daily basis, you could do the following: Use VOIP instead of telephones In the age of smartphones, landlines may sound