Buying and Renting Real Estate in Stratford

House in New ZealandIn you are looking for a good place to live in New Zealand, look nowhere else but Stratford. You can find yourself surrounded by nature, with two national parks (Egmont National Park and Whanganui National Park) and two mountains (Mt. Taranaki and Mt. Ruapehu) located nearby. Since residents know almost everyone else there, it’s easy to make friends.

Rent or Buy?

When looking for real estate in Stratford, you then need to decide on whether to rent or buy the place you will live in. Consider the following factors that make a good investment:

  1. Residency plans. Renting is a better interim bet if you are unsure your length of stay or if you are planning to live there for a short period. On the other hand, if you see yourself settling down there, then you should seriously consider buying.
  2. Career and financial stability. If you’re looking for new employment or career, it is better to rent first until you are confident in sticking with the local business.
  3. Growth potential. If you are single or starting out, you will probably choose to live in a convenient place that has limited lifestyle functions. This type of place is best rented. When you are ready to raise a family, then you can consider buying a place that has both excellent space and amenities (e.g., a park, a playground, nearby commercial area, schools, etc.)
  4. The current condition of your residence. If the place is relatively new, it is probably still expensive to buy but will be relatively cheaper to maintain than an old place. Before making an investment decision, weigh in the upfront purchase and recurring maintenance costs first.
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“Rent” and “buy” choices have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Reflect your current disposition first before making a decision. A real estate agent can help you, but ultimately that decision is yours. One good rule of thumb: if there is that slightest doubt, rent first and assess.