Bigger Tithes: Using Technology to Raise more Money During Church Service

Group of people using a smartphone

Churches are a lot like windmills. As long as the wind is blowing in full force, a windmill can serve dozens of purposes, including milling grain, generating electricity, and pumping out groundwater. On a similar vein, a church can also serve the community better as long as it has a steady flow of donations.

For some, money can be a touchy subject. With the help of technology, however, there are ways to keep the wind coming in on Sundays. With Faith Wireless, a mobile service provider, people can live with purpose and contribute to their church in a useful way. Raising money for the church is as simple as taking advantage of mobile technology.

Turn Your Church’s Mobile App into a Fundraising Tool

There’s more to engaging with your congregation and getting more people on-board than just Facebook. There are several churches in the country that have their own mobile app. The app functions as a resource hub where people can download podcasts of a sermon they might have missed. Promotion of your church’s mobile app, therefore, is key: by adding a donation button or function to the app, you can boost your congregation’s tithing.

Text-To-Tithe Collection Plates

Churchgoers often have their smartphones with them on Sundays. An average person might bring his or her smartphone to church more frequently than his/her checkbook. As a result, offering text-to-tithe is a great alternative to the traditional collection plate. Text-to-give technologies are fast, safe, and easy, making them an effective way to engage donors and raise more money during church services.

Building Mobile-Friendly Donation Pages

Asking for donations can be tough, whether you’re a church or a non-profit organization. Creating a mobile-friendly donation page is one of the ways you can take the fear and hassle out of making people donate money for your cause. The job will be a lot easier, however, if you have a fully customized, mobile-friendly donation page. It can improve the branding of your church or non-profit, too!

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Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Technology offers advanced ways to raise money, so that you can keep the wind blowing and the power churning for your church and your cause.