Be the Good Voice: Pointers for Handling Temps

Boss talking to his employeeIf you are short with employees or are in need of manpower at the moment, you have surely worked with temps. Temporary workers are often thought of as a viable solution to workforce problems. Despite that, there are many companies and even bosses that do not know how to treat them right.

Other than getting in touch with temporary work agencies like PeopleReady, you should always remember what your temps need. That way, you become fair with them. If you are looking for some ways to improve employer-temps relations, let this article be your guide. Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Get them on board

Getting them on board is not the sole job of your temporary work agency. You will need your HR to coordinate with them and know their needs and conditions. Once the legal documents and agreements are finalized, you need to introduce them properly to your teams. You may also conduct an orientation to introduce them to how the operations work.

Do not overwork them

Just because they are willing to take an extra mile does not mean that you will overwork your temps. Remember, you have a contract with them, and what you are doing may be causing a breach. Involve them in projects that do not require them to attend internal meetings.

Be fair with the compensation package

Your compensation package for the temps may have been agreed upon the contract with the agencies. But you may ask to revise the contract if you are planning to give away incentives and allowances.

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Working temporary workers should necessitate conditions that are fair for your and for them. If you are having doubts about what you are doing, you can always work closely with your human resources department. You may also study the labor code.