Be Prim, Be Proper: The Etiquette of Corporate Events

Served table in an eventCorporate events are a good a way to celebrate different company achievements. They are always planned carefully, so it is always necessary to work with reliable event planners. The prestige and elegance that corporate events exude may necessitate a reciprocal reaction and attention from the guests.

This means that the guests should observe etiquette and some unwritten protocols. If you are attending a prestigious event set in an elegant corporate event place in New York City, you ought to keep in mind a few simple rules that will help you create a good impression.

Here are some of them:

Follow the Invitation’s Request On Plus Ones

Usually, invites allow guests to bring a companion. If the invitation tells you that you can bring your plus one or a date, make sure you bring only one. Do not attempt to bring more.

Remember, the event is planned with an exact number of people on the list. And while you may argue that many of the guests may not attend, the hosts would have allotted just enough seats based on the confirmations. So, you can’t assume there will be extra chairs for your unconfirmed extra guests.

Practice Table Manners

Table manners have been taught since you were young. It is time to put them into practice. If you are attending a formal event where a multiple-course meal will be served, make an effort to learn the drill. You do not want to end up looking awkward.

Do not abuse the buffet, and more importantly, do not overdrink just because alcohol is unlimited.

Socialize Properly

You are at the event to socialize, so take the time to meet people and know them. Practice the art of small talk. But don’t go too far. Avoid sensitive topics that may cause debates and unnecessary arguments, such as politics and religion.

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These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when attending an event. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.” He’s right.