Basic Guide for Availing Claims for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

police linePersons harmed in the 9/11 aircraft crashes perpetuated by terrorists in 2001, as well as representatives of deceased victims may apply for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). After the events of that fateful day, the number of people brought to harm continued to rise. Thousands more were diagnosed with diseases associated with breathing contaminated air in the aftermath of the attacks.

Getting compensation

Victims or their representatives may elicit the help of an experienced New York attorney like Marc J. Bern & Partners especially if they are still dealing with recurring medical complications. Former President Barack Obama signed a bill into law on December 2015 re-authorizing fund allotment for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. The law allows persons with the right to claim for benefits the ability to do so until December 18, 2020. The law also enumerates changes in procedures and updated policies, particularly in determining the calculation for claimants as well as in evaluating claims.

Case-to-case formula

The VCF calculation is done on a case-to-case basis, using the following formula: Economic Loss plus Non-economic loss minus Collateral source payments. There are numerous factors to be considered for every component. Nevertheless, the VCF is very clear on what constitutes an economic loss, non-economic loss, and collateral source payments.

To elaborate, economic loss is defined as the future and past loss of livelihood. Aside from earnings, the calculation includes the value of the benefits related to employment. Proof of temporary or permanent disability is an important requirement. Meanwhile, non-economic loss covers compensation for suffering and deleterious effects on the quality of life-related to losses and/or disability incurred during or because of 9/11. Collateral sources may include pension, insurance, settlement payments and related payments.

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Funds requested and granted

The amount rendered as of July 2018 exceeds more than $7 billion, and granted compensation is tax-free. Of the 408 claim submissions, 5,550 claims have been granted. More than 98 percent of those who are eligible have applied for death claims, and funds have been distributed to 2,880 of the 2,963 cases. In the meantime, personal injury claims totaled 4,445 cases, and 2,680 have been distributed.