Attract the Best Young Talents in the Job Market by Focusing on 3 Things

Group of young employeesYou may have heard many horror stories from other executives about hiring young talents or the so-called Millennials. They may say that Millennials could barely hang on to a single job in a year, are demanding, or easily bored. However, they’re also excellent at problem-solving and have the capability to make things around your company a lot better. How do you attract these best young talents in the market then?

Physical arrangement

Hiring an interior designer would be too much, but Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah noted that you can simply hire janitorial services for your Sandy business. You also don’t need to purchase new furniture, but you can try rearranging the office’s layout to provide more space and enable better interaction. Consider replacing lighting systems and adding plants, as well. Remember that your employees want to be inspired and work in a conducive space.

Work-Life Balance

The younger generation may have learned from the mistakes of the older generation, so now they value flexibility more than ever. Let them come in on a flexible schedule or clock out on-the-dot, so they can work out or spend time with friends. Allow them to telecommute some days of the week, and encourage them to go on a vacation after working hard on an important project.

Strong Leadership

Like what Brent Gleeson shares on Forbes, Millennials want to work with leaders they can look up to because of their commitment and work ethics. If you want to attract young talents, you need to reevaluate if the ones at the top are worth admiring. Provide them with bosses who can be mentors. Millennials rarely get intimidated, so don’t be afraid to challenge them.

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They say that Millennials are a pain to work with. You have to ask yourself: Does the problem truly lie in the fact that Millennials see work differently? Perhaps, but this isn’t entirely a bad thing. Millennials focus more on productivity, innovation, and creativity. If you want to cast your net on the best ones out there, you may need to tweak a few things on your turf.