At-Home Exercises to Prepare You for a Snowboarding Holiday

A person snowboardingA snowboarding park near Chicago can be the best place to spend the winter holidays, and one such place is the Chestnut Mountain Resort. But before you even touch a snowboard, you have to be in tip-top shape when it is your first time ever to snowboard or first time to return to the sport in a long time.

Snowboarding involves rigorous physical activity, and you may fall several times. To help your body take the physical activity, and to protect yourself during falls, you can perform the following exercises.

Work Your Legs with Ski Hops

You can expect moguls, or bumps, to roughen your snowboarding terrain. To keep yourself stabilized, you will need strength and coordination. You can exercise by first doing alternating sidesteps, ending with a squat on each step.

As you squat, keep your back straight. Once you have grown used to the movement, hop from one squat to another for 30 seconds.

Crunch Your Abs

The exercise above can work your legs thoroughly, but you will also need core strength that will further help with stabilization. To tone your core, you can simply do ab crunches by lying on your back, legs folded at a 90-degree angle, feet on the floor.

With your hands on your chest in an Egyptian mummy position, bring your upper body up halfway to your knees.

Strengthen Hips with Side Planks

Finally, you will also need to strengthen your hip muscles to help with, again, stabilization but also with pivoting. You can do side planks to achieve strong hips without requiring any equipment. Lie on one side and raise the body up off the ground with your forearm.

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Keep your body as straight as an incline and use your lower side muscles to keep yourself straight. Hold and repeat.

With the exercises above, you can easily prepare your body for snowboarding action. Of course, for additional protection, you also have to wear the right equipment, learn how to fall correctly, to rest between rides, and even to take snowboarding classes.