Are You Hiring the Right Truck Driver? Find Out with These Questions

A truck on a highwayWhen you’re in the trucking or logistics business, you need to have the best drivers in the industry. You must hire the right people for the job to ensure the efficiency of your business operations. But how would you know if you are getting the right truck driver?

Other than posting trucking job openings, you must ask these questions:

Are you a good team player?

Truck driving isn’t only about driving out alone for long periods. Most of it is actually made successful by teamwork. A driver must coordinate with the dispatcher, the manager, and the other staff of your company to make sure you’re meeting your customer’s expectations. Every person in the team is dependent on the others and on how well they do their part.

Are you level-headed especially when under pressure?

There are many unpredictable situations that can arise in this job and being able to stay calm and still make sound decisions despite the pressure is crucial for a driver. Drivers can be driving in bad weather, lose their way, or their truck may break down. Whatever it is, they must be able to handle it wisely and professionally.

Is being away from home for long periods not a problem for you?

There are some drivers who know that this is the case, and yet they still find it difficult to deal with. A truck driver must be prepared mentally and physically, especially if he is a family man.

Do you enjoy adventures and traveling?

Many drivers love this part of the job. The scenery that truck drivers experience at different times of the day may be overwhelming for those who are used to the city life.

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Being a truck driver has its share of pros and cons. Asking these questions will help you get the information you need and make a good decision.