An App a Day: Why iPhones are Great for Apps

Apple iPhone in woman's handsFor quite some time, Nokia and Blackberry were the cell phones to beat, with Samsung barely getting on anyone’s radar. But on June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone for the very first time, and the industry has never been the same again.

Not only did the iPhone cause the creation of other businesses (protective cases and screen protectors, to name a few), but it also gave tech-savvy people all over the world the opportunity to create computer programs that can be installed on the iPhone for consumer use. In Australia, many iPhone app developers such as The App Team churn out great mobile software.

In fact, Apple’s operating system (iOS) is usually the first to get new apps from developers. Many people prefer the iPhone because of this feature. Here are a few other reasons some consumers prefer to buy an iPhone.

A Complete Package

Apple makes the handset and the operating system, so it has full control over the phone and how it affects the user experience. Other phones require tweaking the OS according to their needs and specifications. With iOS, users will find everything familiar, whether they’re using an iPhone 4, an iPhone X, or even an iPad.

Updates on Time for Everyone

Regular updates are common in mobile phone systems. These updates are essential to make the device more efficient and more secure. When Apple rolls out an update, every single one of its still supported handsets is updated to the latest version.

The App Store

As of May 2017, it has around 2.2 million apps on offer.  Apple is very strict when it comes to which app it will include in the App Store; it weeds out dubious programs that can be harmful to users. Their selection process ensures that only legitimate apps developed by the best teams are on offer at the App Store.

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A Play-full Platform

The latest version of the iPhone is now as fast as some laptops. This makes it a great platform for mobile games that can rival those of the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. The tight ecosystem also makes it more appealing to game developers because they only need to create one version of their games and be assured that these will work great on an iPhone or iPad.

No Bloatware

Apple also has its apps, and most are useful from the start. You will not have to deal with pre-loaded applications that only use up storage and memory.

If you want more useful applications on your phone, Apple offers a diverse set of mobile apps from developers all over the world. You can always find one that could help you, but your phone should meet the standards you require.