All Your Most Important Questions About Joining the SAF-VC Answered

Army SoldiersJoining the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Volunteer Corps is an admirable way to help others who are in need of your service. It is also a great way to contribute to your own personal growth and development. The men and women who volunteer for the SAF realise later on that they have gained invaluable experience and a new set of skills to help them live more fulfilling lives.

If you are thinking of volunteering for the SAF, you may have many questions about it. Here are some of the most common ones that people tend to ask when thinking of joining:

1.  Am I qualified to volunteer for the SAF?

Those who are not required to join the National Service are eligible to apply as an SAF volunteer. These include women, first-generation permanent residents, and new citizens — anybody who’s a resident regardless of race.

Before anything else, SAF Volunteer Corps explains that applicants must go through interviews and medical testing to determine whether they’re qualified to volunteer.

2.  What will my tasks as a volunteer be?

These differ depending on your skills. The SAF needs the expertise of individuals from various fields, including but not limited to security, naval operations, media, communications technology, engineering, legal, health care.

3.  How long will you be deployed?

Each SAF volunteer is deployed normally up to seven days each year. You may be deployed three days for one call-up and a separate four days for another call-up. If you cannot fulfil your duties, like when you have an injury, you can ask to be placed on a holding list and resume service next year.

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4.  Where will you stay?

You will stay at the SAF Volunteer Corps barracks at Maju Camp in Clementi with other volunteers. Men and women volunteers have separate accommodations and you will have one locker each for your personal belongings.

5.  Will you be able to contact family during deployment?

You will not be able to carry your mobile phone with you during training, but you will be allowed to use it during your personal time. Moreover, your family members will receive a telephone number through which they can contact you in the case of emergency.

SAF volunteers fulfil a noble duty by serving the country and providing national defense. If you would like to lend your services in the name of peace and security, you are welcome to do so.