A New Form of Learning: 4 Applications of 3D Printing at School

3D printed golf ballAmong the technological innovations made in the recent decades, 3D printing has stood out for its variety of uses. Experts in different fields use 3D printing to some degree, like hip replacements for surgery or spare parts for automobiles.

Perhaps the most exciting use for 3D printing is in the education sector, as it is currently used to create visual aids for complicated lessons. Here is a closer look at how 3D printing manifests in the classroom.

Historical Figures or Objects

3D printing for schools helps history teachers show students how notable figures in the past actually looked, be it Shakespeare or a Mayan structure. The 3D-printed models can last long, which means it can be stored and used for years in classroom settings.

Geography Maps

Another application of 3D printing would be the creation of world maps. Geography teachers could pinpoint certain mountains and other forms of terrain to students, who could inspect the map closely. 3D printing could enable colours and legends for each part of the map, making it more realistic for the class.

Physics Scale Models

In physics class, teachers and students might need models of buildings, engines, and other structures. This is a time-saver because the class will not have to build the models manually themselves. By using 3D printing materials, this could even be cheaper than using other methods of making the models.

Models for Art Class

3D printing can be used to create any model imaginable for art classes. Whether it is a rendition of an ancient sculpture or an abstract creation, art students can use the method for certain class requirements.

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3D printing has had many contributions in various fields. A relevant application of this method is in the education sector, in which it is used to create world maps, physics models, and art sculptures. These help students and teachers alike in whatever lesson they have for the day.