A Minimalist Style to Make Your Website Stand Out

Web designers creating a web design conceptThe design of your business website can be based on a multitude of styles, and you will have to choose carefully to make your website a standout. In a densely populated city like New York, standing out can be quite a challenge. 

Fortunately, you can ask New York web design specialists to help you. They can help find just the right design for your website.

Less is More

Among the many designs you can use, perhaps a minimalist style will work best for you. Minimalism in web design, as well as in other fields, work around the principle of “Less is more.” By taking away any extraneous elements, the style supposedly makes the essential elements stand out and be more noticeable.

Flat and Simple

Now, you will need to know the essential elements of a minimalist web design to truly make one out of your company website. First, you will need a flat interface, which entails typography and design elements without any three-dimensional elements, textures, gradients, highlights, and shadows. With such an interface, you truly strip your website of any extraneous elements.

Other Essential Elements

Besides flat interface, a minimalist website also includes a limited use of color. The scheme can be monochromatic with accents of one or two bold colors here and there. A minimalist website also has dramatic typography, background photos or videos, and simple navigation elements.

Retain Functionality

As you pursue a minimalist web design, however, you can make sure that your website retains optimum functionality in spite of aesthetic simplicity. One cautionary tale involves the use of hamburger navigation to save space on mobile devices. Studies sadly discovered that customer engagement in websites that used such navigation plummeted. A balance of both functionality and aesthetic simplicity can be better for customer engagement.

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New York web design specialists can help integrate your website with a minimalist style. As you adopt the style, remember to measure ROI and see for yourself if the design change truly made you stand out in the long run.