6 Signs That Your Painting Contractor Is Trying to Rip You Off

Worker mixing paintReliable contractors are the heart and soul of America’s multi-billion-dollar home improvement industry, but there are still some bad eggs. When hiring a painter in Utah, you ought to be vigilant to avoid getting taken for a ride. Look for these red flags to spot a potential scam:

Showing Reluctance to Show a License

American Town Painting noted that a legitimately licensed painting contractor wouldn’t hesitate to provide proof of its credentials. After all, it would help establish their credibility from the start. If you think your prospective painter is making every excuse not to show their license, move on and find another one who’s willing.

Providing a Detail-Less Bid

Contractors have unique ways of providing estimates. Some provide an official-looking document, while others do handwritten proposals. Whatever format your prospective contractor follows, their bid says at least the materials to be used. If you’re given nothing but numbers, think twice about signing the contract.

Charging 30% to 50% Upfront

Putting down a large sum of cash is dangerous. Your contractor could disappear on you or do slapdash work knowing it’s too late for you to switch companies. A reputable company would only ask for 10% or $1,000 down payment (whichever is less) to know whether you’re a serious customer or not.

Excluding Promises from the Contract

Some painters would say anything just to get business. Make sure to review your contractor thoroughly to ensure all the details initially discussed are in black and white. If you feel that the contents of the contract are insufficient, bring up the issue immediately and demand an explanation.

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Saying Nothing About the Number of Coats

Disreputable painting contractors usually don’t mention about the exact number of coats they would use. If you sign on the dotted line and experience paint coverage issues later on, you might not have a lot of legal options to force the other party to solve the problem.

Using Watered-Down or Substantial Paint

Unreliable painters are notorious for not using the paint originally promised and dilute the product to trim costs. Before the project commences, make sure the painting products are correct, are properly sealed, and are free of spills.

Don’t fall victim to any painter scam. Look for a licensed painting contractor, and verify their qualification to make the right hiring decision.