5 Ways to Design the Lighting in a Bar

Coffee bar with good lightingHaving the perfect commercial lighting for a bar in Tampa can create an ideal mood for an establishment’s interiors.

In fact, some people usually leave a restaurant either because it was poorly lit or was too bright for them. So, here are four golden rules when it comes to creating the perfect lighting for your bar.

1. Consider lighting when creating your design.

Create a lighting scheme that’ll compliment your establishment’s interior design if you want the overall look to become cohesive. You should combine various lighting tasks when creating a look while keeping just the right level of light in the area.

2. Create various layers of lighting.

Creating various layers of different tasks can help both the customers and your staff to move around quickly. So, try to incorporate the function for each area when you’re trying to create a plan. Create a general lighting design first, and then gradually think about the task lighting as you go along.

3. Consider the energy code.

You also have to consider the energy code of the state where your bar is. Energy code compliance is a requirement when you need to get a building permit for any improvement.

4. Get your inspiration from other bars.

Most bars often use different lighting techniques. Most establishments create a dramatic scene to give it a sense of entertainment. It also provides the visitor with an understanding of the establishment’s vibes as they enter the area.

5. Create a control system.

Just like any other bar, you should also consider having an automated control system to give you easy access to control the light according to your desired mood. You may dim the view or change the color temperature depending on the music or even the theme of the day.

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Choosing the right lighting design for your bar can boost the establishment’s overall aesthetic appeal. You may try to get more inspiration from the internet or ask some professionals about their input regarding your design.