5 Easy Tips For Performing your Optimal Load Testing

IT professional developing web applicationWeb applications can be difficult to produce, and you’ve probably had a couple of sleepless nights trying to perfect it. As a developer, you want your application to be flawless and, of course, you do not want to disappoint your client and your own team.

If you want everything to go smoothly and you are in a hurry, then you should considerĀ hiring a professional to do your JavaScript performance testing.

Know your Numbers

You might want to talk to your marketing consultants and your engineers regarding this matter. Before performing a load test, decideĀ how many virtual users you are going to simulate. Talking to the people who know your market and your numbers can get you better results. Once you’ve got your numbers, it’s time to do the testing.

Analytics is Key

Different people use applications in different manners. Never guess how your market uses it; instead, study your app’s analytics. This way, you can create tests that truly represent your users and not just some facts that you’ve decided to come up with.

Meet with Team

Leveling with your team every now and then and before each phase ends is important. Ask for updates from your developers, network engineers, and even the business owners. You can also ask them for insights and suggestions regarding the application.

User Experience

Test the application on platforms that you know your market would use. Think about the browsers and the devices that they will use and test it on those platforms. Some other things to take note of include countries, regions, and usage.

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Make Time for Changes

When you are in the planning stages of the project, be sure to give some time for possible changes and adjustments. Discuss this with your team and with your client before starting the project, and make it clear to them that the estimated completion date can change.

The most important thing to remember above all these is to not stress yourself out too much. Take a breather and come back when you are ready.