4 Ways to Stay Safe When Operating a Cherry Picker

a cherry picker machineMost of the fatalities that happen while working at height result from falls that might easily have been prevented. Using the right equipment and precautionary measures can help reduce or eliminate the risks of accidents.

Investing in a reliable truck mounted cherry picker for sale is a good decision. But once you buy the cherry picker, it is still important to put in place some safety practices.

Here are four of them:

Ensure that the ground is safe

A cherry picker should always be positioned on a ground that is as level as possible to maintain stability. Keep in mind that when the truck is packed on a slope, the added weight on the cherry picker could cause the platform to tip over.

Check above for structures

Before you start working, confirm if there is a ceiling or other structure that could be damaged and cause an accident. There have incidents of crush injuries in the past, so be wary of misjudging the height. Never try to lean over the railings of the cherry picker while working at height, as this might result in an accident.

Confirm that the cherry picker is in good shape

Like any other construction equipment, a cherry picker is bound to experience problems. Check the equipment’s maintenance schedule to keep problems at bay and fix them when they occur. Working with a faulty cherry picker can be extremely risky, so avoid it at all costs.

Make sure you know what you are doing

No one should operate a cherry picker without proper training and experience. Doing so is not just dangerous, it is illegal as well. As a site operator, you must ensure that only qualified personnel operate this piece of equipment.

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There are many other practices to stay safe while operating a cherry picker. Whilst some these requirements may sound simple, observing them could mean the difference between life and death.