4 Tips to Equip Your School for Learning Outside Class

Children on a Field TripSmart teachers know that the secret to keeping kids excited at school is by diversifying the learning methods they use. That means breaking the monotony of studying in the classroom by conducting lessons outdoors every once in a while. If you’ve been looking to resource outdoor space for learning, here are four tips to guide you.

Get subject-specific equipment

Decide what lesson you want the kids to learn, and set out to collect the required items as early as possible. If you’ll need a water tray for children, for instance, be sure to get one early enough. Provide enough whiteboards for you and your students to use. If you can, build a structure that supports a range of subjects.

Ensure you have outdoor workbenches

While it’s not possible to have a permanent structure when conducting outdoor lessons, consider buying a number of benches for your students. Instead of having to carry them from the classroom, go for picnic tables that can be left in the playground and used for other functions.

Install the appropriate playground flooring

At some point, children need to write or draw. If they have to sit on the ground to do it, make sure the ground is comfortable for them. Hard flooring is not suitable since it makes kids restless, and it causes their uniform to wear faster. Choose an area with lots of grass instead since the ground is much softer.

Protect pupils from the sun

If you're conducting the lesson on a hot day, it’s crucial to provide a shade for them. The harmful rays of the sun can cause sunburn. Build a temporary shelter by fixing poles and attaching canvas. This kind of shade can also help protect the kids in case of sudden rain.

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As more schools adopt outdoor lessons to enrich their curriculum, it may be a good idea for you to consider doing the same. To get the most out of your lessons, take the time to prepare adequately.