4 Characteristics of a Good Residential Blocks Managing Agent

a residential blockIt’s easy to find residential blocks managing agents, but finding a good one is a different story. If you own a building, you know that you cannot just choose any agent to manage it.

You need to make sure this person is dependable and can take care of things even without supervision. If you are currently looking for a residential block managing agent in London, these criteria can help you find the right one:

1. Good Communication

An agent must keep an open line of communication with his company, the tenants and the landlord. This skill requires a wide range of characteristics, including patience and professionalism. The agent must be capable of dealing with different types of tenants and personalities. He must be willing to listen to the property owner and the tenants as well.

2. A Pleasant Personality

Being able to speak to a managing agent without apprehension is important in this business. He must be approachable, someone you would like to talk to even if it is about reporting a late payment to the landlord or collecting rent from a tenant.

3. Highly Organised

From writing annual financial reports to carrying out secretarial duties, an agent has many things to think about. Being able to stay organised in a multi-tasking environment is important to keep the business running smoothly.

4. Excellent Work Ethic

An agent should feel good about his job and should like what he is doing. If he does, it will show in his output. All paperwork responsibilities will be in order, and he will have a good working relationship with his firm and the landlord.

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All these may sound like the basic traits of any good employee, but if you consider all the tasks and responsibilities of a managing agent, these traits are going to help your agent thrive in your business and have a successful operation.