3 Ways to Market Your Business in the Digital Age

Marketing team in a meetingStarting a new business takes a lot of effort. You need to provide an excellent product or service, while also making sure people know about your business. Promoting a business has changed significantly because of the internet, yet a lot of the old ways still ring true. Here are five tips on how to promote your business in the age of mobile phones and social media.

 1. Stick to the Basics

If you start a business, your primary targets are those around your area —so get calling card and custom brochure printing services from a dependable source. Have enough cards with you at all times, and stock a bundle of brochures at your place of business. You should always have something to hand out to potential clients, and you shouldn’t rely on them to just look you up online.

2. Network Locally

We’re not going online yet. Talk with non-competing businesses that could tie up with yours. If you run a brewery, maybe talk to a local diner or motel so that you can help each other out. Join a local business group or volunteer for local tourism projects. Start by promoting your business to those closest to you before rippling out.

3. Build an Online Presence

Get into social media and promote your business across digital channels. If you have more tech-savvy — set up a website for your business. If your target is the younger generations, a phone app dedicated to your business will do wonders. Inform your clients about oncoming events or special offers through these mediums and give them incentives to share the information with their friends.

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Technology is a powerful tool to promote your business, but getting up close and personal with people gets better results. An online presence is good — but your actual presence to the people around you counts for a lot more.