3 Types of Lighting You Probably Didn’t Know You Need

Portable Led FloodlightEvery home needs artificial lighting, and every home has the most basic types needed to help homeowners walk around safely at night. Some homes also have dedicated lighting for tasks, such as the lights under kitchen cabinets or the lamp on your desk. But your home may lack some lights you never knew you needed. Here are three of those types of lighting you should have in your home:

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights automatically turn on when the power is out, so you can still see where you’re going at night. Having them beats having to fumble in the dark for a flashlight. An emergency light is powered by a rechargeable battery. The light stays off while the battery is charging from a wall socket, and turns on when the battery stops charging (as in a power outage).

Battery Clerk also reminds that batteries may give out, so it’s important to know where to get batteries for your emergency lights. Place these in your bedrooms, hallways, and other areas around the house where you usually stay. Make sure to check them occasionally, particularly when bad weather is afoot.

Flood Lights

Floodlights are often associated with sports stadiums and parking areas, but you can also use them at home. LED floodlights are now available — they are brighter, use less energy, and last longer. You don’t have to keep them on all night. They’re there in case you suspect there’s an intruder outside, or when it’s raining or snowing hard and you want to be able to see outside. You can even use them if you’re having a barbecue or a friendly game of football in the backyard.

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Tap Lights

You can buy tap lights for a few bucks from Amazon or just about any store that sells electronics. They’re available in several shapes, designs, and even colors. You can leave them near the bed, on desks and tables, by the stairs, inside closets, in kitchen cabinets, or stick them on walls. They usually use two or three AA batteries, so they’re good for when the power is out too. You don’t have to fumble for a light switch because the light itself is the switch, hence the name. Tap lights are perfect for temporary and short-term lighting.

There are lights intended for general lighting, mood lighting, aesthetics (landscape and fountain lighting), or for performing tasks, and there are those that you need to be there “just in case.” Get these lights in your home because you never know how much you need them until you do.