3 Reasons Your Office Needs an Unlimited Supply of Coffee

Employees drinking coffeeEmployees who aren’t engaged in their jobs are to blame if there’s a culture of unproductivity in your office. Considering how employee engagement has a direct effect on revenue, according to a study conducted by UNC Kenanflager Business School, it’s about time you put a stop to it. How will you begin your crusade? Coffee.

For many people, specifically those in the workforce, having a coffee machine in the office means there’s a perk-me-up beverage for everybody. This could be the reason that in office pantries, coffee of all variants is a staple. If you aren’t convinced of this employee productivity trick, here are three reasons that might change your mind:

1. Coffee keeps your office awake.

The caffeine in whatever coffee concoction you prefer is an ingredient quite competent in fighting off drowsiness. An office not afflicted with the curse of drowsiness should be your ideal workplace. Otherwise, you will find your staff sleeping on their desk and dreaming of something else when they could be plotting new strategies on how to increase your sales.

2. Coffee keeps your office sharp.

Your staff on caffeine doesn’t only mean awake employees, it also means an office with improved cognitive functions. A John Hopkins University study has shown that memory is improved by at least 10% on caffeine. Other faculties boosted by coffee intake include decision-making, attention span, information recall, and focus.

3. Coffee keeps your office active.

The effects of caffeine are not isolated in the brain. It’s also felt in the rest of the body. Your staff on caffeine allows your office to look like a dynamic area of ongoing activities as opposed to a zoo of sloths.

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If these reasons are not enough to sway your instincts toward shopping for coffee machines for the office, here’s a more basic argument: Coffee tastes good and your staff will love you for it.