3 Pantry Essentials Every Office Must Have

Office worker enjoying her cup of coffeeThey say that happy employees have the potential to become consistent high performers. And it’s not just about financial rewards at work that keep them happy. Sometimes, what you have in your pantry can help keep your employees not just happy but also supercharged. Here are three things you need in your office pantry so you can keep your employees happy.

Really, really good coffee

While you can’t always your office to have espresso as good as they make it in Italy, every office needs good coffee. And it’s not only because of vanity. There is a growing body of research that continues to highlight the benefits of coffee in the workplace. In one study, researchers found that caffeine improves the brain’s energy levels, which then helps people increase their ability to solve problems and focus. That’s why businesses often seek out high-quality office coffee solutions like krema.com.au for their employees. It’s a great investment for your business.

Adequate sitting areas

A study found that not having a proper lunch break can lead to not just lower productivity but also greater fatigue. Just because you’re eating a sandwich at your desk while browsing through emails doesn’t mean you’re working harder than everyone else. Moreover, it’s not a good hygienic practice. If you want to employ a clean desk policy in the workplace, make sure that you provide your employees with adequate sitting areas in your office pantry.

Kitchen must-haves for eating-in

Studies have shown that bringing and eating home-cooked lunch at work deliver more than just money-saving benefits. It can be good for your health too, compared to eating take-out lunch from fast food places. If you want your employees to be more healthy and productive at work, encourage the practice of bringing and eating home-cooked meals. You can do this by ensuring that your pantry has enough sitting areas and kitchen equipment for heating.

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Pimp Out Your Office Pantry

These are simple solutions that pack a lot of benefits, not only for your employees but also for your business. In fact, these additions are not that cheap. Make the right investments today.